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Mallorca Increases Attempts to Attract Larger Number of Tourists From Nordic Countries

Spanish Mallorca is trying to promote and promote tourism in the Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, in order to bring more visitors to the Spanish island.

In this regard, the Director of Tourism of the Council of Mallorca, Lucia Escribano, as well as the Federation of Mallorca Transport, Martin van Bemlen, together with the President of the Federation of Hotel Business in Mallorca, Maria Frontera, will meet with tour operators and local media in Denmark and Norway to attract visitors from These areas, reports.

Travelers from Scandinavia represent the third largest international tourist destination after Germany and the United Kingdom.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a significant drop in the number of international tourists due to travel restrictions and other bans imposed to contain the spread of the virus.

In 2019, the number of tourists from Scandinavia fell by 20 percent to 728,000.

Although European countries continue to be hit hard by the Corona virus, especially the Omicron variant, Spain, like many other countries, has begun to ease restrictions imposed due to the Corona virus.

At the moment, different airlines are now operating, while the Mallorca Council is responding to the interest in the island of Mallorca as a sustainable destination.

According to tourism advisor Andrew Serra, there are positive indications of the ability to help the tourism sector recover and reach pre-pandemic levels.

Serra indicated in this regard that “this is the right moment to launch a criticism campaign in terms of promotion.”

The Spanish government is constantly trying to help the tourism sector recover from the damage caused by the coronavirus and its new strains.

In addition, Spanish authorities confirmed last month that they expect to increase their tourism sector during the spring.

According to a senior government official, the authorities in Spain expect the number of international tourists this year to be more than two-thirds of the record levels of 2019, based on a report published by Reuters.

The outlook for 2022 is good. Tourism Minister Fernando Valdez emphasized on this issue during the Tourism Conference in Madrid FITUR.

The coronavirus outbreak has left a large number of people involved in the tourism and travel sector in Spain unemployed over the past two years. reported that nearly 202,000 people working in the travel and tourism industry lost their jobs last year as a result of the coronavirus, which represents a 19.5 percent drop in employment in the sector.

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