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Low Cost Airline Cancels Thousands of Flights From Ireland to Lisbon Affecting Nearly a Million Passengers

Irish airline Ryanair has canceled about 5,000 flights from Ireland to Lisbon after the latter had to cut planes in the city.

The airline confirmed it has reduced the number of aircraft from seven to four, reports.

This decision means that the airline’s latest announcement will affect about 900,000 customers, who may lose their flights or have their holidays cancelled.

Nearly 19 routes have been affected by Ryanair’s latest decision after it got into a row with Lisbon Airport over restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus.

In this regard, Ryanair CEO Mike O’Leary issued a statement apologizing for the cancellation of flights, while emphasizing that the loss of these 19 routes as well as 500 flights during this summer, means that the post-COVID recovery Lisbon “will now fall behind on Other major EU capitals.

“Ryanair remains committed to bringing these three aircraft and 19 routes back to Lisbon in October for their winter schedule when we resume driving traffic and tourism and restore jobs in Lisbon. O’Leary, as reported by Birmingham, indicated that all passengers affected by the summer 2022 cancellations will receive email notifications at Later this week they were offered a full refund or alternative flights to/from Lisbon for summer 2022.

The following roads have disappeared in Lisbon this summer:

Agadir Alghero Alicante Barry Billund Birmingham Bournemouth Baden Baden

Despite the fact that Ireland’s decision affected nearly a million travelers, its decision to cancel routes from Lisbon airport is not a concern for Portuguese tourism, according to the president of Turismo de Portugal.

According to Luis Arujo, the Irish company still has a larger presence compared to the 2019 figures, and most of the routes are working to get the Portuguese offshore.

Although the Irish carrier’s decision received no reaction from the government, the president of Turismo de Portugal believes the consequences for tourism will be minimal.

However, Ryanair owns 26 percent more [presence] than in 2019. In addition, most of the markets that have been abolished serve much more to transport Portuguese abroad than to bring foreigners here,” Luis Araujo stressed in this regard.

The spread of the Corona virus and its new strains negatively affected many industries, especially the travel and tourism sector, prompting airlines to cancel their flights.

Due to the spread of the Corona virus, in particular the Omicron variant, the CEO of Irish airline Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, announced that it has reduced supply for January 2022 due to lack of demand.

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