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Local Authorities of Italy Urge Government to Remove National COVID-19 Measures

Local authorities across Italy have urged the government to remove or at least ease some of the national COVID-19 restrictions.

Italy is currently in a state of emergency, which means everyone within the country still needs to follow COVID-19 measures before new changes are introduced, reports.

The end of the current state of emergency in Italy was announced on March 31. However, the government has not provided any further details regarding the rules that will be applied after this phase ends. Thus, taking into account the current situation, the local authorities are working on a proposal aimed at informing everyone what to expect from April 1.

According to reports, Italian local authorities are asking the government to abolish the requirement for a valid pass once the state of emergency has ended. In addition, they are also requesting the abolition of other measures, such as the requirement to wear a face mask.

If the proposal of the local authorities is approved, citizens of the country, as well as travelers visiting Italy, will not be required to show a vaccination card when attending various public places and events such as cafes, bars, restaurants, museums, and theaters, among others.

It is expected that the authorities will come out with an official decision at the end of this month.

The Italian Ministry of Health clarifies that all regions are either part of the yellow or white region list. This means that the COVID-19 situation within Italy is stable, and the country no longer has reason to impose strict national restrictions.

The requirement to relax national COVID-19 rules also follows increased vaccination rates. Data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) shows that 86.4 percent of the total adult population in Italy has completed the primary vaccination. In addition, the same report showed that 72.1 percent had already received an additional vaccine dose.

Previously, Italian authorities announced that the country no longer had strict entry rules for incoming travelers. Since 1 March, travelers from third countries have been able to enter Italy for travel purposes under the facilitated entry rules.

The authorities indicated that travelers from outside the European Union will now be subject to the same rules as travelers from the European Union. This means that since last week, travelers from third countries have been able to enter Italy by presenting only a vaccination, a valid recovery certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result.

Differently from Italy, many EU/Schengen area countries have already lifted national COVID-19 restrictions, while others have removed all COVID-19 entry rules. Iceland, Norway and Slovenia are three of the countries that have already lifted all of their entry rules.

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