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Lithuania Tightens Up Entry Restrictions for More Travellers – Malta Replaces Poland As the Sole Country in the Green List

The Lithuanian Ministry of Health has updated the list of countries from which travelers present a higher, medium or low risk of contracting COVID-19 upon arrival in Lithuania.

With the new update, Malta has replaced Poland in the green list, which means that the first country is now the only expat country that is considered safe and not subject to any restrictions. On the other hand, Poland has moved into the red category, and travelers from this country face more restrictions than they have faced before, when arriving in Lithuania.

“From Monday, October 4, neighboring Poland will be moved from the green zone to the red zone. The epidemiological situation in Luxembourg has also deteriorated, as Luxembourg has fallen from the yellow zone to the red zone. Liechtenstein has been moved from the red zone to the yellow zone. It will also be allocated Malta to the green zone instead of the yellow zone as of next week,” the ministry notes in a press release announcing the changes.

This means that as of Monday, travelers from Malta will no longer undergo a second PCR test for COVID-19 that is performed between the third and fifth day of arrival in Lithuania. Instead, they are subject to the requirement of a PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to or an antigen test performed within 48 hours prior to arrival in the country.

On the other hand, travelers from Liechtenstein, along with a pre-departure test, undergo a second test that is conducted between the third and fifth day in the country. Part of the yellow list is currently the Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Liechtenstein, France, Portugal, Finland, Sweden and Hungary.

Travelers from other countries not listed in green or yellow are classified as red, including here Poland and Luxembourg. Travelers from these countries are required to submit pre-departure test results as well as a ten-day quarantine.

Isolation and testing requirements for COVID-19 have not changed this week. The ministry clarifies that unvaccinated and non-patients who arrive from the red zone remain subject to mandatory testing before the flight and ten days of isolation upon arrival.

However, it also notes that all travelers who have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines approved by the Lithuanian authorities as valid proof of immunity, are exempt from pre-departure testing and quarantine requirements.

The Ministry of Health updates the list every Friday, and the same goes into effect the following Monday, based on data provided weekly by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Last week, the ministry added Slovakia to the red list and moved to the yellow list Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain’s Mallorca and France’s Reunion region.

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