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Lithuania Adds Sweden & Greece’s Crete to Its COVID-19 High-Risk List

Citizens of Sweden and the Greek island of Crete will face stricter entry rules when planning travel to Lithuania, as the latter’s authorities have put both regions on the list of countries severely affected by the coronavirus and its new strains.

This decision was confirmed by the country’s Ministry of Health, while the same decision confirmed that the new rules that will affect both of the aforementioned regions will be implemented on November 8, reports.

In addition, the Lithuanian Ministry of Health also confirmed that after the increase in the number of infections with COVID-19, the island of Madeira was moved from the green list, which includes areas considered safe based on their epidemiological status, to the yellow list. , which includes countries at medium risk in terms of the current COVID-19 situation.

However, authorities in the Baltic state previously made it clear that all people who have completed the coronavirus immunization process and those who have recovered from the disease will not be required to follow entry rules, such as quarantine.

Isolation and testing requirements for travelers with COVID-19 will not change next week. Unvaccinated and non-sick individuals who arrive from the red zone remain subject to mandatory testing before the flight and ten days of isolation upon arrival,” said the statement published by the same ministry.

Based on the data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Lithuania has recorded a total of 421,360 cases of the COVID-19 virus. The same source shows that a total of 6,047 people have died due to the Corona virus and its new strains.

In addition, figures provided by the World Health Organization show that 3,283 people were infected with the Coronavirus in Lithuania during the past 24 hours, while the virus caused the death of 37 people during the same period.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Health has confirmed that all people arriving in the Baltic country from the yellow zone will be required to take the test before the flight and repeat it three to five days after their arrival; However, they do not have to follow the mandatory ten-day quarantine requirements.

At the same time, the ministry clarified that travelers from countries included in the green category, which are considered safe based on their COVID-19 status in the past two weeks, are only required to complete the NVSC COVID-19 form test prior to their arrival.

Travelers from countries included in the yellow and red categories are also required to fill out the form when they arrive in the Baltic state.

Recently, the authorities in Lithuania announced that travelers from Iceland, Liechtenstein and many areas in Spain, will be subject to a quarantine rule upon their arrival in Lithuania, starting from November 1, after these territories were included in the red list, which consists of areas considered highly affected by the virus. Corona.

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