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Latvia to Screen Arrivals From 20 EU & Third Countries Due to Omicron Variant

The country’s foreign ministry has announced that travelers from a total of 20 countries will go through the screening process when planning travel to Latvia.

According to the ministry’s announcement, all people who want to enter Latvia from the following regions will be selectively screened: Germany, Sweden, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Poland, Norway, Italy, Lithuania, Finland, Hungary, Estonia, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Ireland, Denmark, Georgia, Malta, Ukraine, and Switzerland.

The ministry announced that such a decision was made after the increase in the number of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, while the authorities in the Baltic state are trying to keep the epidemiological situation under control.

“All screened passengers, including those with a valid vaccine, recovering or DCC test, or a negative COVID-19 test result taken prior to the flight to Riga, will undergo a COVID-19 test (PCR). Exceptions include transit passengers, and children under 12 years of age, aircrews, sailors, and people involved in diplomatic and international affairs.”

However, the authorities in Latvia have announced that the list will be updated, taking into account the situation of the coronavirus in other countries, reports.

More than 261,900 people have been infected with coronavirus in Latvia since the beginning of the epidemic, while 4,375 people have died, based on data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Figures provided by the World Health Organization also show that in the past seven days, Latvia has identified 4,615 cases of COVID-19 infection and 108 deaths.

In addition, the authorities in Latvia announced that the country had recorded 12 cases of the Omicron strain; Therefore, the country’s government is imposing additional precautionary measures in order to deal with the current situation.

In this regard, the Latvian authorities announced last month that people who had visited Lesotho, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swatini and Malawi, in the past 10 days, would be prevented from entering Latvia.

However, the authorities emphasized that the restrictions will not apply to Latvian citizens and long-term residents of the European Union who hold Latvian residence permits.

Latvians, as well as permanent residents of EU countries who have resided in one of the above-mentioned territories within the past ten days, are obligated to:

Show a negative Coronavirus test result, no more than 72 hours before entering Latvia, take a COVID RNA test, no later than 24 hours after their arrival in Latvia and within eight days after entering Latvia, follow the mandatory quarantine requirements for ten days after Leaving one of the countries listed above

“If a person who entered Latvia from one of the above countries did not observe self-isolation at the place of tourist accommodation, family members who came into contact with this person are obliged to observe self-isolation at home, a hotel or a tourist place of residence for ten days.”

In addition, the authorities also announced that all people traveling to Latvia will be obligated to fill out the online form and provide all required information regarding vaccination, testing or recovery from COVID-19.

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