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Latvia Prolongs Entry Rules for All EU/ Schengen Countries Due to COVID-19

The authorities in Latvia have updated the list of affected countries regarding the situation of COVID-19; However, no new changes have been implemented.

According to the Latvian authorities, only the Vatican country is still considered epidemiologically safe and thus has been placed on the green list, while the rest of the EU and Schengen area are part of the orange Schengen Visa reports.

Arrivals from Vatican City State and other Green List countries who have completed immunization against the virus are exempt from quarantine and testing requirements when planning to enter the Baltic state.

At the same time, people who are not immunized and not exempt from the green list are required to take a COVID-19 test before traveling to Latvia.

In addition, other countries outside the European Union such as New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Macau and Hong Kong belong to the green list.

The authorities in the Baltic state continue to classify other regions into green, orange and red groups, taking into account the epidemiological situation in them, based on data provided by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Green includes countries considered safe based on coronavirus status; The orange list includes high-risk countries, and the red list consists of high-risk countries.

At the moment, the orange list consists of the following countries:

Andorra 7,070.38 Austria 1,950.68 Belgium 3,000.79 Bulgaria 1,007.63 Croatia 2,384.77 Czech Republic 1,117.62 Cyprus 5,560.44 Denmark 5,145.34 Finland 1,942.67 France 5,556.66 Germany 963.4 Greece 3,597.77 Hungary 879.81 Iceland 4,768.30 Ireland 5,874.76 Italy 3,142.58 Latvia 1,403.527.44 Luxembourg Poland 499.62 Portugal 4,586.53 Romania 491.7 San Marino 6,246.19 Slovakia 764.38 Slovenia 3,376.75 Spain 3,399.88 Sweden 2,769.81 Switzerland 4,135.60

For non-EU countries, the following regions are included in the Latvia Orange List:

Uruguay United Kingdom Qatar Bahrain Kuwait Peru Colombia United Arab Emirates Chile Saudi Arabia South Korea Rwanda United Kingdom

Travelers from the Orange List countries who have not completed their immunization against the virus are required to follow the mandatory ten-day quarantine rule and test requirements.

Latvia accepts PCR and rapid antigen tests. The result of the PCR test should not be more than 72 hours, while the rapid antigen test is also accepted provided that it is taken within 48 hours before their arrival.

The authorities in Latvia decided to extend their entry rules for those coming from other countries after several European countries reported high rates of COVID-19 infection in the past two weeks, especially cases with the Omicron variant.

Based on data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Latvia has recorded a total of 319,027 cases of COVID-19 and 4,773 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Meanwhile, it has reported more than 23,060 cases of COVID-19 in the past seven days and 73 deaths.

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