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Latvia Facilitates Its Entry Rules From Today

From today, March 1, travelers from other countries are subject to more moderate entry rules when planning to enter Latvia, after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to ease the preventive measures imposed to stop the spread of the Corona virus.

However, citizens of other countries will still be required to submit one of the following documents to enter the Baltic State:

A valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate. A certificate of vaccination against the virus issued by the authorities in the US, UK, Australia or Canada. A negative Coronavirus PCR test result not to exceed 72 hours or antigen test not to exceed 48 hours

However, the Latvian government announced that some changes would be implemented. Children under the age of 12, employees, crew members, sailors, members of the merchant navy, people in transit through Latvia and holders of diplomatic passports, among others, will be exempt from the above entry requirements, reports.

The Latvian Ministry of Transport confirmed that the country plans to facilitate the travel process starting today, adding that citizens of other countries will be allowed to enter Latvia even for non-essential purposes.

“From March 1, there will be no need for a significant reason to enter Latvia. At the same time, the Ministry of Transport stressed the continued monitoring of interoperable certificates and test results for travelers, ensuring the same requirements for travelers regardless of the country of entry.”

In addition, the authorities in Latvia also announced that the requirement to fill out an entry permit form from March 1 will also be abolished.

Despite the ongoing epidemiological situation, the authorities in Latvia have taken such steps in order to facilitate the entry rules for arrivals from other countries.

The ministry highlighted that “Arrivals from countries that do not provide an interoperable Covid-19 test certificate must have a negative Covid-19 test in the language of the country of departure or English on paper or electronically (on a smart device).”

According to figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 649,504 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Latvia since the beginning of the epidemic, while 5,215 people have died.

Figures provided by the World Health Organization revealed that a total of 63,560 people tested positive for the virus in Latvia in the past seven days, while a total of 107 people lost their lives to the virus.

Despite these numbers, the authorities in Latvia are following the example of other European countries by changing the approach to dealing with the virus, considering it more like an endemic disease.

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