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Italy Recognises Covishield Vaccine as Valid Proof of Immunity for Travel

Today, the Indian Embassy in Rome announced that after a meeting between the Indian Minister of Health, Mansukh Mandavia, and his Italian counterpart, Roberto Speranza, the Italian Ministry of Health decided to recognize the Indian-made Kofishield vaccine. Valid proof of immunity.

Thus, this means that those vaccinated against COVID-19 with the Covishield vaccine can now enter Italy. In addition, everyone who has been vaccinated with the injection is now eligible for an Italian Green Card, reports.

“As a result of the G20 Health Ministers meeting, see @mansukhmandviya and Italian Health Minister @robersperanza along with ongoing efforts @MEAIndiaMinisteroSalute recognizes India’s Covishield. The Indian Embassy in Rome, Italy, wrote on its official Twitter account, that Indian Vaccine CardHolders are now eligible for GreenPass.” .

The Italian Green Card is an extension of the EU COVID-19 digital certificate, which means that Italy recognizes all other equivalent permits issued by other countries, regardless of whether they are part of the EU or not. However, the requirements that will apply to those coming from a third country have not yet been disclosed.

As a result, since Italian authorities have not yet made an official announcement, it remains unknown whether those vaccinated with Covishield will have to follow entry restrictions, such as a pre-departure test upon entering Italy.

Until today, Italy had only recognized the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) – AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty), Moderna (Spikevax) and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) – which means that those vaccinated Only one of the four vaccines was considered fully immunized upon entry into the country.

After vaccines approved for use by the EMA, the Indian-made Covishield vaccine is now widely recognized by European Union countries. So far, only 18 EU countries have recognized KofiSchild. However, since Italy joined the list, the number has risen to 19.

As such, with the exception of Italy, KofiShield is recognized as valid proof of immunity by all of the following countries:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Croatia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Latvia Netherlands Romania Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland

Previously, Italy made the green corridor mandatory for all people who wish to access certain services, places and activities. As a result, since September 1, all who wish to attend any form of public transport, including planes, buses and ferries, must present the card.

In addition, access to restaurants, theaters, museums, sporting events, swimming pools, parks, gyms, spas, meetings and conferences, among others, is limited to those who prove they have received a vaccination or have recovered from the virus.

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