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Italy Makes COVID Health Pass Mandatory for Unvaccinated People, Including Foreign Tourists

Italy has decided to impose restrictions on all unvaccinated people who do not carry the country’s “Green Corridor”, an extension of the EU’s COVID-19 digital certificate.

According to the Italian National Tourism Agency, from August 6, everyone over the age of 12 must present a health permit in order to be allowed access to certain activities and services. previously reported that Italy may adjust health ticket regulations due to the spread of the Varian delta

The Italian Health Card is issued to all those who have been given at least a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, those who have recently recovered from the disease, or those who test negative within 48 hours.

Based on the new rules revealed on July 22, visitors will also be subject to the same requirements when it comes to attending public places.

As such, from the first week of next month, entry to cinemas, theaters, galleries, museums, sporting events, private parties, festivals, trade fairs, pools and gyms will only be allowed when the card is entered, reports.

The card will also be mandatory for all those wishing to access restaurants, bars and pastry shops. In turn, nightclubs will continue to remain closed until the epidemiological situation improves significantly.

Except for restrictions on public places, it is expected that in September, the country will also consider making the green corridor mandatory for air and train travel as well as for long-distance bus rides.

With the announcement of the new restrictions, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi encouraged all citizens of the country to get vaccinated against the disease COVID-19 in order to prevent the high infection levels being identified in other countries due to the virus. variables as well as to protect the country’s economy, which suffered the most during this period.

“The delta shape is a threat. It spreads much faster than other variants. I call on all Italians to vaccinate and do so immediately. Without vaccinations, we will have to shut down everything again,” said Draghi.

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The Italian Green Card is part of the EU’s COVID-19 Digital Certification Program, which means that the country recognizes all other equivalent permits issued by other countries. However, Italian authorities have not yet revealed how the requirements will apply to arrivals from third countries.

Like Italy, French President Emmanuel Macron has also announced similar measures, requiring a health permit from all citizens who want to enter public facilities and use public transport, despite protests.

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