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Ireland Plans to Ease COVID-19 Rules for Citizens of the Country After March, but Not for Foreigners

Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, said the country may end the requirement to present a valid COVID-19 certificate after March for all those who wish to access restaurants or bars.

However, it has been confirmed that only Irish citizens will be exempted from submitting a COVID-19 digital certificate, reports.

This means that all travelers, regardless of their country of origin, will still be required to present an entry pass when attending various venues and activities while in Ireland.

Apart from announcing potential local changes regarding COVID-19 permits, Varadkar suggested that the requirement to wear a protective face mask in public only becomes a seasonal requirement when there are a large number of tourists in the country or when more people go abroad.

According to the Irish Examiner, Varadkar said it would be good if the target was set to end these restrictions on March 31 while noting that the country could still extend its measures until the end of June if the COVID-19 situation did not improve.

“I think it would be really good if we could set March 31 as our target to end all legal restrictions, legislation on masks and Covid permits, and all the rest would expire on March 31. Not that that is possible, we have the option to extend that for another three months until end of June,” Varadkar said in a statement.

Ireland is one of the European countries that have carried out one of the most successful vaccination campaigns. For this reason, the authorities believe that drastic measures are no longer needed.

However, the authorities are keen to prepare for a new wave that is expected to hit the country and the continent by the end of 2022.

Data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) shows that Ireland had administered a total of 101,160,150 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as of January 20. This means that 95.5 percent of the total adult population has received at least one dose, 94.4 percent have been fully vaccinated, and 66.7 percent have already received a booster dose.

Previously, Ireland updated its COVID-19 card to include the booster dose. Since January 6, all Irish citizens who have received an extra dose of vaccine have been able to apply for an updated copy of their Health Card.

Moreover, the authorities announced that from February 1, the validity of vaccination permits will be shortened to nine months, indicating that those who received the last dose within 270 days, as well as those who received a booster dose, will be considered in full. Vaccination upon entering the country.

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