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Ireland Offers Reduced Tuition Fees for Ukrainian Students

The Irish government has offered to reduce higher education fees for Ukrainian students, allowing them to enter the country under the status of European fees.

According to Higher Education Minister Simon Harris, Ukrainian citizens will also have access to student scholarships and support, including training at language centers for those who need them, reports.

Harris commented on his Twitter statement: “My administration, government and sector will do everything we can to support and welcome students from #Ukraine and also provide support with respect to English classes in the communities.”

He also noted that a “personal assessment” will be available to incoming Ukrainians in order to help them find work that matches their skills and qualifications.

“Preparing for a virtual meeting with our European counterparts and EU Commissioner Gabriel Maria later today to discuss Ukraine and how we can coordinate at the EU level to support students, researchers and lecturers from Ukraine. I want to see an EU-wide scholarship scheme created,” he wrote in a published post in the last hours.

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After a meeting with EU Commissioner Maria, Harris said it is essential that Ukrainian students have access to education throughout this period and that his government is ready to implement any EU decision in order to help students maintain their education process.

In addition, the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) called on universities and colleges in the country to provide support to students, researchers and lecturers from Ukraine.

The Consortium suggested that researchers and academics participate temporarily in their respective fields, initially for a year. The Federation urges that a similar alternative be offered to students, to enable Ukrainian students to continue their studies in Ireland “until such time as the situation in Ukraine returns to an acceptable level of safety and stability”.

Earlier, the Hungarian government announced that it was working hard to provide housing, jobs and school places for Ukrainian students, as the neighboring country of the war zone opened its doors to more than 104,000 refugees since the Russian invasion.

Hungary is also sending unprecedented amounts of food and fuel to Transcarpathia, the western Ukrainian region with a large Hungarian population. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban indicated that the United Nations expects about 250,000 refugees to arrive in Hungary before the end of the war.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, about three million refugees have fled Ukraine, causing another migration crisis in the European Union, similar to the one in 2015, when 1.3 million sought asylum in the 27-nation bloc.

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