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Ireland Lifts Visa Requirements for Ukrainian Citizens

The Irish Department of Justice has announced that family members of Ukrainian citizens of Irish citizens and family members of people from Ukraine residing in Ireland will be exempted from visa requirements due to safety concerns in the country following the Russian invasion.

According to a ministry press release, the news was announced by the head of this ministry, Helen McEntee, and will be implemented immediately as an emergency measure for all Ukrainians arriving in Ireland, reports.

“People who are considering leaving Ukraine and traveling to Ireland may do so in the next period without a visa if they consider it safe to travel. Those who travel to Ireland without a visa during this period will have 90 days after arrival to regularize their status. This situation will remain under ongoing review with Monitor the impact closely,” reads the press release.

The situation in Ukraine has encouraged EU member states to open their doors to welcome incoming refugees fleeing the country to seek international protection.

Recently, Poland’s Interior Minister, Maciej Wąsik, said his country was expecting about 1 million Ukrainian refugees, while the mayor of Ciechanów, Krzysztof Kosiński, admitted that authorities urged him to indicate the list of accommodation facilities for families, the number of people that could be protected, the cost and time for such Living.

In addition, the authorities revealed that about 26,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Moldova and Romania. However, as representatives from both countries said, refugees are more interested in heading to Western Europe as only about 100 people have applied for asylum in these countries.

On the other hand, several countries in the European Union have begun to impose sanctions on Russian citizens in response to the situation. More specifically, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala, announced earlier that the issuance of visa permits to Russian citizens will stop for a while.

Prime Minister Fiala stressed that “we are suspending the processing of visa applications from Russian citizens in all our consular offices except for humanitarian cases” and urged the European Union to implement similar measures for Russian citizens.

A similar approach has been noted by the Lithuanian government, recently announcing that it had stopped issuing visas to Russian citizens, even to those seeking medical assistance. The restriction also applies to those whose reason for entry is the care of close relatives living in Lithuania.

“In solidarity with Ukraine and its people who are subjected to military aggression by the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Health is suspending the issuance of entry permits to Lithuania by citizens of the Russian Federation on an exceptional basis,” the press release read.

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