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Interoperability of Data Within EU’s Information Systems for Security to Be Strengthened

The Finnish Ministry of the Interior has confirmed that the Finnish authorities will enhance the interoperability of the European Union information system, which will help to quickly identify third-country nationals residing in the countries of the Schengen area.

The statement submitted to the Finnish Parliament will help police, customs and border guard officials to more efficiently identify a person using the EU Information System database, reports.

“The purpose of this law is to make changes to national legislation required by EU regulations on the interoperability of information systems in the European Union. “Criteria for application are laid down in EU regulations,” reads the statement published by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior.

With EU regulations, public access to information will also be simpler, while regulations also help protect the EU’s external borders, improve migration management and tighten internal security.

The EU Interoperability Regulations include the following EU Information Systems Schengen Information System (SIS) European Union Visa Information System (VIS) European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) Border Crossing Information System (EES) for convictions of third country nationals as well as stateless persons (ECRIS-TCN)

In addition, a fingerprint information system for people seeking international protection is also included in the package (Eurodac).

The Finnish Ministry of the Interior also announced that the interoperability of the information system is carried out through four components:

A European search portal that helps perform many searches in different information systems, including biometrics data A biometric identification service that maintains data in one comparable system A repository consisting of personal and biometric data as well as travel document data ID examines whether People with the same information could be found in more than one system to detect potential shared identities

In June of this year, the Finnish Ministry of the Interior announced that a draft government proposal for a law on the interoperability of information systems in the European Union was circulated for comment.

Previously, the European Parliament approved a visa information system reform, through which EU member states intend to increase interoperability between EU immigration and security databases.

On July 7, the authorities in the European Union agreed to modernize the system, known as VIS, in which they adopted the decision in May 2021, after negotiations with the Council of the European Union. This decision was revealed by the statement published by the European Commission.

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