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Inbound Tourism Expenditure in Croatia Accounted for 86.98% of Internal Tourism Expenditure in 2019

Incoming tourism in Croatia in 2019 accounted for a total of 86.98 percent of domestic tourism expenditures, according to figures published by the Tourism Sub-Account of Croatia.

In addition, figures provided by the same source revealed that in 2019, domestic tourism expenditures were 13.2 percent, reports.

It is estimated that inbound tourism spending in 2019 witnessed a significant increase while the number of visitors who spend at least one night in the Balkans represents 94.02 percent of inbound tourism spending.

Figures provided by the Croatian Statistical Office show that domestic tourism expenditures in Croatia, in 2019, before the spread of the Corona virus, also recorded a noticeable increase, of which the tourism expenditure of resident visitors on domestic flights increased by 85 percent. of tourism expenditures.

“The tourism spending of resident tourists on domestic flights represents 73.39 percent of the tourism spending of residents staying on domestic flights, while tourism spending of residents staying on the same day amounted to 26.61 percent,” the statement said.

The figures reveal that total value added, which is the value that producers add to other goods and services they have purchased, is also factored in. According to figures published by space tourism, the total value added of the tourism sector accounted for a total of 24 percent of the total total value added achieved during 2019.

“In 2019, it accounted for 11.35 percent of the total gross value added,” the statement read.

The direct GDP of tourism in 2019 also increased significantly, while the share in the total GDP increased to 11.82 percent.

The Croatian Statistics Office presents the results of the calculation of the economic impact of the tourism sector in Croatia, following the methodology of the Tourism Sub-account. The latter is used to estimate the economic contribution of the tourism sector to the country’s economy.

Previously, reported that the tourism sector in Croatia registered a 56.4 percent increase in November 2021, compared to figures for the same period one year ago, according to figures published by the Croatian Statistical Office.

The same source showed that a total of 221,000 international visitors were accommodated in the facilities in November, an increase of 133,000 tourists compared to the 2020 figures.

Besides, domestic tourism doubled in December 2021, compared to 2020 figures, with a total of 113 thousand registered local tourists who spent 293 thousand nights.

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