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Iceland Lifts Several National COVID-19 Rules Including Quarantine Requirement

Icelandic authorities have announced that the country’s citizens will no longer be required to submit to quarantine rules as this regulation has been repealed.

According to a press release issued by the Icelandic Ministry of Health yesterday, on February 12, people who are already in self-isolation do not need to undergo a COVID-19 test in order to end the quarantine period.

The regulation that includes the abolition of quarantine due to local infection takes effect immediately. The statement from the Icelandic Ministry of Health said that those who are already under quarantine do not have to come for sampling to be disposed of, and this also applies to those who were supposed to go for sampling today.

In addition, the same has revealed that Icelandic citizens who have been exposed to the virus will not be required to take the test, reports.

The ministry added that “the obligation to take samples at the end of the sterilization process will also be cancelled.”

While authorities have stressed that entry rules will remain unchanged for incoming travelers, they have announced that less stringent nationwide restrictions on COVID-19 will now apply within the country.

From today, the number of people allowed in the interior during the same time will be increased to 200. Previously, there was a maximum of 50 people. On the other hand, restrictions on the number of people in outdoor areas will be removed.

Likewise, stores will not have restrictions when it comes to the number of people allowed to access them.

Crowded events of up to 1,000 people are now allowed, provided everyone is seated and wears a mask.

With regard to the requirements for wearing a mask while in outdoor and indoor public places, the ministry clarified that citizens of the country, as well as travelers, will be required to follow this requirement only if the rules of a distance of one meter cannot be followed.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that Iceland has reported 12,845 new cases of COVID-19 in the past seven days.

As for vaccination rates, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reveals that 92.2% of the adult population have completed the initial vaccination, while 84.3% have received an additional dose of the vaccine.

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