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IATA Applauds UK’s Decision to Permit Quarantine-Free Entry for EU & US Vaccinated Travellers

IATA Applauds UK’s Decision to Permit Quarantine-Free Entry for EU & US Vaccinated Travellers

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has issued a statement regarding the UK’s recognition of vaccinated travelers from European countries and the US saying this is a long overdue positive development.

The same has also noted that since the vaccination status of travelers from the European Union and the United States will now be recognized in the UK, freedom of movement, as well as the cooperation of companies in the global market, will help restore the country’s overall economy.

In addition, the travel and tourism industry, which has been severely affected by the measures imposed to stem the spread of the COVID-19 disease and its variants, according to the IATA, will be the main sector benefiting from this decision, reports.

The identification of vaccinated travelers from the United States and Europe is a long overdue, logical and positive development. Along with restoring individual freedom to reconnect and companies’ ability to operate in global markets, this will help save livelihoods in the travel and tourism sector.

Although the UK’s decision to allow entry to vaccinated travelers from the European Union and the United States was seen by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as an important step in restoring contact with the country, the association has expressed concern about why the scope of vaccinated travelers is allowed to enter the UK. Limited to US and EU only.

In addition, the association is also concerned about when the United States will reciprocate, as the latter’s authorities have announced that they will not open their doors to travelers due to the concerns of the delta variable.

“Why do travelers have to be tested twice, the second time with expensive PCR tests? What is the plan to enable non-vaccinated people who test negative to travel without being quarantined? And when will the United States reciprocate?” IATA added.

Previously, reported that from August 2, travelers entering the UK from Europe or the US will not be required to undergo quarantine on arrival provided that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and are traveling from a listed country Amber in the United Kingdom.

Except for changes in quarantine procedures, vaccinated travelers from both continents will be allowed to skip the test on the eighth day after their entry.

Currently, the UK has ended the ban on all European countries that are listed as amber, except for France, whose nationals are still subject to entry requirements.

In this regard, the French Foreign Minister, Clement Bonn, criticized the decision of the UK authorities to maintain restrictions on arrivals from France, who said that this was a discriminatory and incomprehensible decision.

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