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Hungary’s Tourism Sector Affected by Situation in Russia

The tourism sector in Hungary will be greatly affected by the current situation in Ukraine after citizens of Russia and Ukraine recently ranked among the top ten nationalities of travelers in the domestic sector.

Besides, Budapest, as well as several Hungarian spa cities, including Heviz and Lake Balaton, will see a shortage of visitors from Russia, reports.

Such conclusions were reached by InfoRádió tourism expert Richárd Róbert Kiss.

The annual report of the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association revealed that in December alone, tourists from Russia and Ukraine were among the top ten nationalities for travelers in the local industry, Hungary reported today.

In addition, the source states that in December, 48,000 overnight stays were recorded in the country from Russia alone.

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a large number of countries imposed sanctions on Russia, which significantly affected the tourism sector.

According to the tourism expert, the number of visitors from Russia in Hungary, including its capital, represented a significant increase before the crisis.

However, with the imposition of sanctions, according to the tourism expert, it is clear that tourism will come to a virtual standstill after the European Union will not allow Russian flights, which will be a huge loss for all countries where Russian tourism plays a big role. important role.”

He pointed out that we were affected by the closure of the airspace, as well as the Italian and Spanish resorts.

Besides Hungary, the Finnish authorities revealed that they were also affected by the war in Ukraine after a large number of people canceled their trips to Finland.

Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s neighbor Finland has received many flight cancellations amid safety concerns.

According to Visit Finland Director, Kristina Hitasari, tourism in Finland is on the rise, especially during the spring and summer travel seasons; However, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the tourism industry was facing uncertainty.

“We have sent inquiries about the current situation, whether you can come to Finland and what has been affected here. Hitasari noted that this is a serious crisis and we fear it may have implications.

More than 104,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Hungary so far since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In addition, according to a press release published by the Government of Hungary on March 3, Senior Security Adviser Gyorgy Bakondi said that the number of people directly fleeing the war is estimated at 80,000.

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