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Hungary Well Prepared to Receive Close to 900,000 Refugees From Ukraine, Official Says

Hungary has expressed its readiness to take in up to 900,000 Ukrainian refugees who have fled the war in their country.

Senior Security Adviser Giorgi Bakondi announced that as of noon on Wednesday, March 16, Hungary has accepted more than 432,000 refugees, reports.

Bakondi also added that this increase in the number of Ukrainian refugees means that there is an increased need for different organizations to coordinate their efforts.

In this regard, he noted, “Hungary should continue to support the Hungarians in Transcarpathia because their region witnessed a large influx of people from eastern Ukraine who lost everything.”

In addition, the assistance centers set up on the border between Hungary and Ukraine are well prepared to accommodate the increasing number of refugees fleeing Ukraine in the coming days, the chief security adviser claimed.

A statement issued by the Hungarian government on March 18 revealed that Minister of State for Church and Minority Relations Miklos Soltis, after visiting Barabas and Pirigsorani at the border, told MTI that aid workers and police were waiting for an increasing number of refugees to leave Transcarpathia soon after, after a calmer situation in recent days. .

He also noted that “donations received from all over Hungary have filled the storage capacities of the aid centers and now everyone who wants to send contributions is being asked to redirect non-perishable food items directly to a central warehouse in Aranyosapáti”.

On Thursday 17 March, First Lady Anita Herschig, Goodwill Ambassador for a Hungarian Charity in Malta, visited the Help Center in Beregsurány.

She commended the entire initiative of Hungarians to help Ukrainian refugees, adding that communities in nearby villages had joined forces in the early days of the war, exacerbated by the arrival of aid organizations.

On the other hand, the head of the Hungarian Charity Malta Crisis Management Working Group stressed that first psychological assistance was also provided in Beregsurány, which is a great demand by refugees who are already traumatized by the war.

According to Hungary’s government, the country is facing increasing immigration pressures at its southern border, with authorities so far arresting 31,200 illegal immigrants this year, while at the same time launching criminal proceedings against 280 human smugglers.

Bakondi also announced that Prime Minister Viktor Orban is making regular visits to the border between Hungary and Ukraine to oversee refugee relief and management efforts.

>> Hungary provides financial support to employers who provide job opportunities for refugees from Ukraine

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