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Hungary Removes All COVID-19 Entry Requirements

Travelers from other countries planning to visit Hungary are no longer required to adhere to entry rules as the latter’s authorities decided to remove all restrictions that were imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The Hungarian government has announced that arriving travelers, regardless of their country of origin, are no longer required to present a vaccination or a certificate of recovery. In addition, they are also exempt from the requirement to submit a negative COVID-19 test result taken prior to entry, reports.

This means that everyone will now be allowed to enter Hungary without restrictions as long as they hold other valid travel documents, in this case, a passport or visa for those who cannot enter the country without a visa.

Previously imposed travel restrictions due to the epidemiological situation have been lifted. In accordance with this, it is possible to enter the territory of Hungary by public roads, railways, water and air traffic – regardless of nationality and protection against the Corona virus -, but other general conditions for entry (for example, a valid travel document) must be provided,” it said in a statement. Hungarian authorities.

Travel experts believe that removing entry rules will help Hungary attract more tourists and boost the country’s economy. The country is expected to register an increasing number of visitors in the coming months.

Except for lifting entry rules for incoming travelers, Hungary has also removed the majority of national COVID-19 restrictions.

Travelers, as well as citizens of Hungary, are no longer required to present a vaccination or refund card upon arrival at restaurants, bars, cafes, museums, theatres, cinemas, shopping centers and other events.

Moreover, the country’s authorities have also decided to abolish the requirement to wear a mask when in various closed places, including public transport.

Aside from Hungary, two other EEA countries – Iceland and Norway – and two other EU countries – Slovenia and Ireland – have already removed all of their measures.

Since last month, travelers have been able to enter Iceland without having to follow any national COVID-19 entry rules or rules.

Norway ended all of its restrictions on February 12, too. The country now allows unrestricted entry to all travelers regardless of vaccination, recovery status or their country of origin.

The Slovenian authorities also indicated that everyone is now exempt from entry restrictions and local restrictions.

Similarly, Ireland announced that since March 6, no one is required to abide by entry rules.

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