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Hungary Ready to Provide Supplies, Accommodation, & Shelters for Ukrainian Refugees

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has announced the provision of temporary shelters to house refugees without family members in Hungary. At the same time, centers were set up around Hungary to provide food and shelter to all those coming from Ukraine if they needed to stay longer.

In a statement on March 4, the prime minister added that Hungarian-speaking refugees with ties to Hungary would find it easier to find shelter and work, reports.

Meanwhile, those who do not speak Hungarian and have not yet settled somewhere and want to stay in Hungary are more at risk.

“Prime Minister Orban mentioned a family of five children with whom he spoke and already had a rented apartment in Nyregyhaza and jobs ‘starting tomorrow,'” the statement read.

People from other countries who wish to enter Hungary, such as students from India and China, can enter and leave Hungary in agreement with their embassies. However, they are still allowed to continue their studies in Hungary.

Hungary is also working hard to provide accommodation and supplies, as there will be plenty of jobs for everyone and school places for students.

In addition, since Russia invaded Ukraine, about 104,000 refugees from Ukraine have entered Hungary so far.

Through a press release published by the Government of Hungary on March 3, Senior Security Adviser Gy├Ârgy Bacondi revealed that the number of people directly fleeing the war is estimated at 80,000.

Hungary is also sending unprecedented amounts of food and fuel to Transcarpathia, the western Ukrainian region with a large Hungarian population. The Prime Minister indicated that the United Nations expects about 250,000 refugees to arrive in Hungary before the end of the war.

Moreover, the authorities in Moldova announced that as of March 6, they had received approximately 103,254 Ukrainian refugees. Similarly, the Romanian authorities have revealed that more than 63,192 people have entered the country since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to the German authorities, nearly 30 thousand Ukrainian refugees have entered the country, while more than 756,303 people have been registered in Poland since the start of the war in Ukraine.

In addition, most refugees are women and children, including an increasing number of unaccompanied children.

Ukraine also recruited men between the ages of 18 and 60 to fight, and prevented them from leaving. More than 1.3 million Ukrainians have gone to other European countries, and these numbers are expected to exceed 1.5 million.

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