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Hungary Persists on Anti-Migration Law Despite Being Cited Unlawful by EU Court

The Hungarian authorities will not budge from their anti-mass immigration stance, even though the European Court has decided that the “Stop Soros” regulation is inconsistent with EU law.

According to a press release from the authorities, Hungary will continue to protect its borders from the influx of migrants fleeing their countries in the name of freedom and survival, reports.

Furthermore, in the name of preventing Hungary from becoming an immigrant country, Hungarian State Minister, Zoltan Kovacs, said that as long as the current government governs the country, the “Stop Soros” will remain in place. According to him, the results of public surveys show that the regulations have already prevented the influx of large numbers of immigrants.

On the initiative of the Brussels Commission, the European Court of Justice ruled today that the Stop Soros Act, passed in 2018, which criminalizes the organization and financing of illegal immigration, and the constitutional amendment adopted in parallel with the law, bans Kovacs’ books “resettlement of immigrants”.

In other words, “Stop Soros” is a law passed by the Hungarian government in 2018, regulating the detention of those who help migrants seek asylum and apply for residence permits within the country, with penalties of up to a year in prison.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban supports the legislation, a prominent anti-immigration figure who opposes his opponents, including billionaire philanthropist George Soros, whom he has previously accused of promoting a mass immigration agenda with open borders.

“We all know that for the Brussels bureaucracy, the thorn in the flesh was the fact that we criminalized the promotion and facilitation of illegal immigration, because we do not want foreign NGOs to regulate illegal immigration to Europe,” she said. In response to the EU court ruling, Justice Minister Judit Varga said: “In today’s ruling, the court stated what we had never thought of: Hungary should in practice support human trafficking.”

Hungary erected a barbed wire barrier on its borders with Serbia and Croatia in 2015 after more than a million people entered the European Union, mostly via the Turkey-Greece route.

Recently, Hungary’s prime minister signed off on the resolution proposed by Poland, which states that the EU is overstating its powers and that EU law should apply only in areas where the EU has jurisdiction. Currently, Poland is facing a difficult situation in terms of accepting immigrants as the influx of immigrants is increasing on a large scale, including Afghan and Belarusian immigrants who are also fleeing their country due to safety concerns in their home country.

>> Commission refers Hungary to Court of Justice over non-compliance with EU rules on asylum and return

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