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Hungary Extends Validity of Two Jab Immunity Certificates Until May 1

The authorities in Hungary announced that the country will extend the validity of the certificate of immunity against the Corona virus for all people who received two doses of the vaccine, until the first of next May, in line with the practice adopted by the European Union countries.

This decision was confirmed by a statement published by the Hungarian government, reports.

In this regard, the Chief of the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergeli Golias, stressed that neither Brussels nor other EU member states had imposed stricter rules on immunity certificates due to the increase in the number of infections with the Omicron variant while emphasizing that the government did not want to put Hungarian citizens in An unfavorable situation compared to their peers in the European Union.

The authorities in Hungary announced earlier that they plan to limit the validity of these certificates in Hungary to people who received a second strike at least six months ago or received an enhanced strike. This decision is scheduled to enter into force from February 15.

>> Hungary cuts the validity of the vaccine certificate to 6 months from February 15

In a previous portfolio report, approximately one-third of currently valid certificates would be considered invalid if such a decision became effective.

In addition, the same source showed that more than 6.8 million certificates were issued, while the document was issued to more than half a million people with a validity of six months to acquire immunity through infection.

Golias stressed that the fifth wave of the Corona virus had reached its peak in Hungary.

In this regard, he noted, “Although the spread of the virus was noticeably faster in the fifth wave, neither the number of hospitalizations nor the death toll was anywhere close to what it was during the previous waves.”

According to government spokeswoman Alexandra Zintekirali, the central European country will be part of the European Union’s joint purchase of Pfizer’s antiviral drug Paxlovid in order to treat COVID-19 infection.

At the same time, Golias described it as harmful that EU authorities, including the European Medicines Agency (EMA), had not authorized the Sputnik V vaccine, which according to Golias has been shown to provide “the best possible protection”, or China’s approved Sinopharm vaccine. by the World Health Organization.

“Until they do that, we can’t talk about full equality,” he noted.

According to figures provided by the World Health Organization, a total of 1,600,411 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Hungary since the beginning of the epidemic, while 41,636 people have lost their lives due to the virus.

In addition, WHO figures show that Hungary has recorded a total of 109,922 cases of COVID-19 and 485 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

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