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Hungary & Andorra Mutually Recognise Each Other’s COVID-19 Certificates

The authorities of Hungary and Andorra have agreed to mutually recognize each other’s COVID-19 testimonies.

The agreement was confirmed by the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Petr Szijjarto, who indicated that from today, January 25, Andorra will accept vaccination, recovery and testing certificates issued in the country, reports.

Likewise, Hungary accepts all certificates issued in Andorra as well. This means that travelers from the two countries will no longer be subject to additional requirements upon arrival in their respective territories.

“Another vaccination agreement, this time with Andorra. Negotiations have yielded results, so from January 25 (Tuesday) all legal obstacles for those wishing to travel will be removed, and Andorra will also accept certificates issued by Hungarian authorities for vaccination, testing and recovery, regardless of the type of vaccine Szijjártó’s statement reads.

According to the minister’s statement, all vaccination certificates will be recognized by the two countries, regardless of the type of vaccine. This decision will make travel easier between the two countries and will restore the confidence of travelers.

Earlier in December, Hungary reached the same agreement with Tunisia as well. At the time, authorities announced that COVID-19 certificates would be mutually recognized by the two countries, indicating that travelers would not face additional restrictions.

In addition, Hungary has reached agreements on mutual recognition of COVID-19 certificates with 27 other countries.

However, travelers from all countries who plan to arrive in Hungary, including those who have a mutual agreement with the country, must meet the new rules regarding the validity of vaccination permits.

Hungarian authorities announced earlier that from February 15, the country will reduce the validity of vaccination certificates to six months. Thus, in line with the new rules, all those who received their last vaccine dose more than six months ago will be considered unvaccinated upon entry to Hungary.

On the other hand, those who receive a booster dose will have the validity of their vaccination certificates extended.

According to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Hungary recorded only 93,152 new cases in the past seven days.

As for vaccination rates, figures from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reveal that Hungary has given a total of 155,00596 doses so far.

This means that 72.7 percent of the adult population received at least one dose, 70.3 percent were vaccinated with two doses, and 42.2 percent received an additional dose.

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