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Hungarian Authorities Issued 55,000 Residence Permits in 2020

Authorities in Hungary issued a total of 54,835 residence permits to non-EU citizens last year, according to figures provided by the European statistics provider, Eurostat.

The same source states that the majority of residence permits have been issued to citizens of ten countries, reports.

Compared to other EU countries, the number of citizens from Ukraine, China and South Korea is significantly higher, many of whom work in the factories of multinational companies located in Hungary, as Hungary reported today.

These figures are mainly due to the fact that approximately 60 percent of issued documents are granted for work purposes and only 16 percent for education.

Previously, Eurostat figures revealed that the number of first residence permits issued by the authorities of European Union countries witnessed a decrease of 24 percent, representing 700,000 people, compared to the previous situation of the epidemic. According to the announcement, this decline was the lowest between 2013 and 2020.

In addition, Eurostat revealed that the main reason for this decline is the current situation of the Corona virus, which prompted the authorities in many countries to impose restrictions in order to stop the further spread of the virus and its new strains that greatly affected other countries.

According to Eurostat, Poland issued 598,000 permits, followed by Germany 313,000 and Spain 312,000.

The agency stressed that the only increase in the number of permits issued in 2020, compared to 2019 figures, was observed in Lithuania, where the number of temporary admissions increased from 21,400 to 22,500. At the same time, the largest decrease was recorded in the Czech Republic, where the number of permits decreased by 54 percent. From 117,000 to 54,000.

In addition, according to Eurostat, France has issued the largest number of permits related to education, representing three percent of all permits issued.

Among the top ten nationalities granted permits in the EU in 2020, employment was the main reason for permits issued to Ukrainians (86 percent of all first residence permits) and Belarusians (60 percent). Family was the dominant reason for permits granted to Moroccans (53 percent) and education over permits issued to Chinese (36 percent). Other reasons were prevalent for Venezuelans (78 percent) and Syrians (70 percent),” Eurostat press release.

Figures provided by Eurostat also revealed that a total of 601,200 Ukrainians received their first residence permits in the EU.

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