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How to Obtain a German Digital COVID Vaccine Passport for Travel?

The German research institute responsible for disease control and prevention, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), has published all the necessary information for citizens of the country who want to obtain a passport to vaccinate against the Corona virus.

In a guide issued by the institute, it was revealed that those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can obtain their certificate from the pharmacy, provided they provide proof of vaccination and their ID card.

The institute indicated that the federal states are implementing the issuance of the vaccination passport against the Corona virus. In the event that the person is fully vaccinated in the doctor’s office, the doctor has the right to issue a certificate of vaccination.

Vaccination certificates are issued as a QR code by vaccination centers, doctors and pharmacies. Each vaccine has its own unique QR code, reports.

For people who have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 at the vaccination centers of the federal states, the code is sent to them by mail or made available through Internet portals.

In order to make the Vaccination Passport available in digital form, everyone is required to download the CovPass app on their smartphone.

CovPass is an application designed on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health, which saves information about the vaccination status in the working memory of the smartphone. In just a few seconds, the application shows whether a person has been effectively protected from the virus, and does not reveal any other information except for vaccination status, name, surname and date of birth.

It is planned that the app will also be used in the future to check for evidence of coronavirus recovery and evidence of a negative test result.

It has been emphasized that CovPass is only used as a supplement to the Yellow Certificate of Vaccination. Thus, everyone can prove their vaccination status by showing a printed form of vaccination certificate or yellow certificate of vaccination.

The use of the app is completely voluntary. The goal of the CovPass app is to quickly and securely provide proof of corona vaccinations. You can delete the app at any time. This also removes all information stored by the app from your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also demonstrate protection from Get vaccinated against corona through the printed vaccination certificate or the familiar yellow vaccination card,” said the Robert Koch Institute statement.

The European Union has introduced the European COVID-19 vaccination passport in a bid to restore freedom of travel within the bloc. The implementation of such a document aims to abolish travel restrictions such as entry bans, quarantines and testing requirements.

And the German health authorities had previously stated that the country had issued more than five million passports for immunization after it had successfully joined the European Union portal to issue the document.

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