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How the Europeans keep track on their tourists of the schengen visa terms?

How the Europeans keep track on their tourists

How the Europeans keep track on their tourists of the schengen visa terms, in particular France? They look at the date on your visa ,they input it onto computer


I will be entering France from another country for which I will get the schengen visa, as I already checked it out with someone who commutes almost every day between those countries, he told me: ¨no check point at all¨.


In Germany,once you rent a place you are ask to register with the Police for that section of the city (bezirk) you will live. I thought the French may have similar ways to check how long you are staying in their country.

The french Consulate told me: ¨you will need to bring to the appointment: a filled out application form, a airplane ticket, health insurance, hotel reservations plus their $100 fee in cash, and they don´t guaranty you will get the visa (my passport is not an American one). I have been in Europe many times, my last one was three years ago, I just went without the Schengen visa, no problems at all. This time, I kinda uneasy after the problems with Mexican emigration I had recently, my 3 months I stayed there were miserable ´coz of the predicament they put me in -my immigration status in limbo. I was told one thing by their consulate here in the States, over there another thing …. I end up paying a $20 fees for the tourist card (which I never got) plus $25 fine for something they goofed. One of those creeps wanted to give me a $200 fine. You ask ten Mexicans the same question you get ten different answers, it is just ridiculous.


Back to the Schengen visa. Spain issue a visa without the risk that France expose you to. the application fee is $82, unlike the French, they do not ask you for all that crap, is only upon approval that you are asked to provide a airplane reservation not the ticket itself, unless you want to.

Schengen Visa

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