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Helsinki Airport Registers Slight Increase in Passenger Volumes

The Finnish Border Guard revealed that the external border movement at Helsinki Airport recorded a slight increase in the number of passengers, which means that the volume remained similar to the previous week.

According to a press release issued yesterday, October 18, by the Border Guard, during the 41st week, the Coast Guard of the Gulf of Finland 1973 conducted more border inspections than the 40th week.

“Traffic across the external border at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was similar to the previous week, but there was a slight increase in passenger numbers. In week 41, the Gulf of Finland Coast Guard conducted border checks on external traffic at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport for a total of 22, 723 passengers (week 40: 20750), as stated in the statement of the Finnish Border Guard.

Based on data provided by Finnish authorities, during week 40, the Coast Guard carried 20,750 checks, while during week 41, the same checks carried 22,723 checks, reports.

Thus, in line with these figures, it means that in just one week, 22,723 passengers entered the territory of Finland.

Although more than 20,000 travelers entered Finland during Week 40, five of them were turned away. In contrast, during the past week (week 41), no one was denied entry to the country.

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Except for controlling passenger traffic at the airport, the Gulf of Finland Coast Guard also makes sure to prevent and combat illegal entries through the Port of Helsinki. During week 41, authorities launched 11 preliminary investigations against those who were organizing illegal entry into the country, forging documents, violating entry bans, and committing other crimes at state borders.

On the other hand, other than air traffic, the number of those who used boat traffic remained remarkably low.

“During the week, the weather at sea was mainly windy, waves in some places were more than two meters high. The movement of pleasure boats at sea was low, with an emphasis on the weekend. The border guards added that the sea rescue missions were mainly about assisting the boats. Defective guard area.

In order to help the intelligent border system, the Finnish Ministry of the Interior has submitted a proposal to Parliament. The proposal was submitted for consultation on the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) and Border Crossing Information System (EES).

The same ministry revealed that in accordance with the EU Parliament and Council regulations on the system, the aim of this proposal is to implement new changes to national law.

Previously, reported that Finland issued more residence permits during 2021 than last year. The increase is attributed to the automation and acceleration of visa application processing time.

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