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Greek Authorities Announce Extension of Current Entry Requirements Until February 7

The Hellenic Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced that the current entry rules for international travelers will be extended until Monday, February 7.

According to a press release issued by the authority, the requirement to submit the test continues to be applied to all arrivals regardless of their vaccination status. In addition, all travelers over five years of age arriving in Greece must submit a PCR test taken 72 hours before departure or undergo a rapid test within 24 hours of arrival. This requirement applies to all arrivals, regardless of nationality and vaccination status, reports.

On the other hand, those coming from third countries will be prevented from entering the country, unless they provide an essential and compelling reason for entry. However, citizens and permanent residents of the following countries will be excluded from this ban:

Australia North Macedonia United Arab Emirates United States United Kingdom Israel Canada Belarus Bahrain New Zealand South Korea Qatar China Kuwait Ukraine Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia Singapore Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro Albania Japan Lebanon Azerbaijan Armenia Jordan Moldova Brunei San Marino Andorra Vatican Monaco Turkey Argentina India Uruguay Oman Chile Mexico Kosovo Taiwan

Besides, the requirement to submit a Passenger Locator Locator Form (PLF) still applies and all passengers must submit such a document at any time prior to departure.

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However, travelers who have tested positive for the virus are required to self-quarantine for five days at their preferred place of residence, with the possibility of extending the isolation period if symptoms remain the same at the start of the quarantine.

Citizens of Argentina, Russia, India, Uruguay, Oman, Mexico and Chile are allowed to enter the country provided they undergo testing on arrival, regardless of their vaccination status. The same rule applies only to unvaccinated airline passengers from Egypt, Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Georgia, Cuba, United Arab Emirates, India, India, China, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey.

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According to WHO data, 129,494 positive cases of COVID-19 and 634 deaths from the fallout from the coronavirus were reported in Greece last week. Furthermore, the country has one of the highest vaccination rates in the Balkans but one of the lowest compared to other EU/EEA countries, with 71.4 percent of the population receiving the first vaccination of the vaccine, 67.7 percent completing the first vaccination round, and 41.7 percent on a booster dose.

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