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Greece’s Travel Sector Records a 51% Increase in Travel Receipts During the First Half of 2021

The Bank of Greece (BoG) revealed through its latest report published on Monday that the country’s travel receipts from January to June increased by 51 percent compared to the same period in 2020.

During June alone, the country recorded an 851.8 percent increase in travel receipts, indicating that this month has the best numbers since January, reports.

Thus, since an increasing number of travelers visited Greece during the first half of 2021, €769 million has been generated by European travelers alone. This represents an increase of 153.3 percent in the total amount generated from January through June, which is 1,108 million euros.

As for the revenue of passengers coming from non-European countries, it was revealed that the flow decreased by 20.4 percent during the first half of 2021 compared to the same period last year. This means that only 325 million euros in travel receipts were obtained from travelers from outside the European Union.

When it comes to aggregate data related to the tourism industry, the report showed that 689 million euros were generated by the travel and tourism sector in June 2021.

Regarding the number of passengers entering Greece during the first half of 2021, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced earlier this month that passenger air traffic to Greece increased by 140.6 percent. As such, arrivals to the latter’s territory saw a 146.8 percent increase during July 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

In addition, through the same press release, the Civil Aviation Authority highlighted that due to the opening of borders to international arrivals, passenger traffic registered a 41.4 percent increase compared to 2020.

As such, the total number of passengers welcomed in Greece from January through June 2021 was 12.6 million, which is a sharp increase from the 8.9 million passengers who entered Greece in 2020.

Regarding the number of flights, it was revealed that Greece recorded 161,198 flights in 2021, of which 80,032 are international flights and 81,166 are domestic flights. This indicates an increase of about 32.6 percent compared to the same period last year, which accounted for 121,599 flights.

Previously, reported that unvaccinated travelers from 13 third countries will now undergo testing requirements upon arrival in Greece. These countries are Albania, Egypt, Argentina, Georgia, Brazil, Cuba, United Arab Emirates, Libya, China, India, Russia, Morocco and Turkey.

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