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Greece’s Air Traffic Surged by 146.8% During the First Half of 2021 & Decreased by 63.5% Compared to Pre-Pandemic Levels

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced that passenger traffic increased by 140.6 percent, with arrivals registering an increase of 146.8 percent in July 2021 compared to the same time last year.

The press release issued by the Civil Aviation Authority reveals that passenger traffic in the country has seen an increase of 41.4 percent compared to the summer of 2020, while tourism has decreased by 63.5 percent compared to before the pandemic, Schengen Visa Info reports.

The total number of passengers welcomed was 12.6 million compared to 2020 when 8.9 million passengers were hosted.

With regard to the number of flights, the number of registered flights reached 161,198, including 81,166 domestic flights, and 80,32 international flights, an increase of 32.6 percent over the same period in 2020, a total of 121,599. a trip.

Comparing the statistics of July 2021 with the first half of 2019, the number of flights reached 290,859 flights, while this year it recorded a 44.6% decrease in aircraft movement. In total, passenger traffic, which was 34,656,788 in 2019, registered a 63.5 percent drop this year.

Official statistics for July 2021 reveal that international passenger arrivals increased by 146.8 per cent and domestic flights by 70.2 per cent.

Greece welcomed 2,825,115 international travelers in July, while last year 1,144,681 passengers visited the two countries, registering an increase of 146.8 percent this year.

The total number of flights, including domestic and international flights, this year reached 60,941 flights. It recorded an increase of 70.2 percent compared to the same period in 2020, when 35,809 flights were operated.

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The total number of incoming and outgoing passengers this year was 6,640,981 passengers, an increase of 140.6 percent compared to the passenger traffic in July of 2020, which amounted to 27,60261 passengers.

Moreover, comparing flight data for July 2021 with data for July 2019, international arrivals show a 31 percent drop, which in July of 2019 amounted to 4,096,657 international passengers. As a result, the total passenger traffic at Greek airports decreased by 33.1% while it was 9,930,332 in 2019.

As recently reported, the country is imposing stricter measures on its residents, making testing requirements mandatory for those traveling from the islands to the mainland.

After the change in testing requirements, Greek authorities tightened measures further by extending restrictions on domestic flights until August 23, when the country’s vaccination campaign was halted.

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