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Greece Welcomed 14.3 Million Passengers During the First 11 Months of 2021 – 96.8% More Than in 2020

Greek tourism saw an increase in the numbers of international travelers during the first 11 months of 2021, which shows real signs of recovery in the country’s tourism sector.

More specifically, the data shows that international arrivals exceeded corresponding time levels in 2020 by 96.8 percent, receiving 14.3 million passengers compared to 7.3 million in 2020, reports.

Moreover, during the January-November period, Greek airports saw an increased flow of passengers – some 106.7 per cent higher than the previous year, while arrivals through land border crossing points increased by 66.5 per cent.

The majority of these travelers came from EU member states, and Germans were the most frequent nationalities visiting Greece, representing an increase of 95.2 percent – about 2.9 million of them. The French followed, registering an increase of 148.6 percent over the previous year, which also accounted for 1.2 million of them. Revenues from Germans jumped 108.5 percent to 2.4 billion euros, while revenue from France increased 170.7 percent to 991 million euros.

On the other hand, the number of travelers from third world countries also increased, registering 91.5 percent, with most visitors coming from the United Kingdom, by 45.9 percent, to 1.5 million, and travelers from the United States, up 266. percent – which represents 382 thousand Passengers with spending increased by 603.4 per cent to 596 million euros.

>> Greece welcomed 35.8 million passengers in 2021 – an increase of 80.9% over last year

The number of visitors from Russia also increased by 3500.1 percent (to 112,000), and their spending increased by 674.8 percent to 108 million euros.

In addition, international spending in the country increased by 6.1 billion euros, or 144.6 percent, compared to the corresponding time in 2020, when this figure was 4.3 billion euros.

The increase in travel revenue was attributed to a 96.8 percent increase in inbound passenger flows, as well as a 22.6 percent increase in average spending per trip. The country’s travel revenue for January-November 2021 adds up to 58.5% of 2019 revenue of €17.8 billion.

Moreover, the Balkan country managed to enter the winter tourism season as the number of passenger arrivals in November 2021 increased by 219.3% to 561,000. In addition, passenger flows increased by 249.6 percent, and passenger flows through land border crossing points jumped by 197.9 percent .

Travel receipts jumped 308.2 percent to 287 million euros in November 2021 from 70 million euros in the corresponding month in 2020. The rise in travel receipts resulted from a 219.3 percent increase in inbound passenger flows and a 25.6 percent increase in average spending in a trip.

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