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Greece Wants the EU to Include Third Shots in COVID-19 Digital Vaccine Passports

The Greek government is urging EU authorities to provide the third and booster shots in the EU’s digital COVID-19 vaccine certificates in order to make travel around the bloc safer.

In a televised address to the Greek nation, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis suggested that those vaccinated should receive a third dose of COVID-19 six months after the second dose of COVID-19 vaccination, and then that dose should be added to EU COVID-19 Digital. Vaccine certificates.

He also said he would write to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and offer her his proposal to issue the certificate only to those who received the second or third dose in the past six months.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis argued: “In this way, we will avoid any crack in the wall of immunity that has already been built on our continent.”

The Greek primer was the first EU leader to put forward a proposal for an EU-wide vaccination document that would facilitate travel within the bloc in January of this year.

Whereas, the proposal to include booster snapshots in COVID-19 certificates comes at a time when an increasing number of European Union countries are introducing the third snapshot to their citizens after a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases across the Poké, despite high vaccination rates.

Last Thursday, on November 18, reported that the European Commission plans to make passports for COVID-19 vaccinations valid for 12 months after the final dose.

The information was provided to by a source close to the Commission, who indicated that the latter was working on “either a recommendation or an authorized law to expand the use of COVID certificates for travel in the European Union”.

According to the same source, fully vaccinated travelers will have to take a refresher dose of COVID-19 12 months after they receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, or 12 months after the vaccine if it is a single vaccine, such as Moderna.

The commission has not commented on this issue yet. However, third doses may soon become mandatory for vaccination certificates, which currently allow the holder to travel virtually without restrictions throughout the premises. At the same time, in the majority of EU members, certification is required to access inland areas such as restaurants, bars, bookstores, shopping malls and more.

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