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Greece Tourism Minister: Santorini Can Become a Global Model of Sustainable Tourism

A strategic plan that will help Greece’s Santorini achieve sustainable tourism development was revealed during a meeting between Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias, as well as Santorini Mayor Antonis Sigalas.

The plan also includes the completion of spatial planning, infrastructure development and integration, digital switching, and cruise management, as well as proposals to address the parking problem and sustainable resource management, reports.

The meeting also discussed the possibility of alternative forms of tourism, the protection of cultural heritage and the development of the primary sector.

“It is important and necessary to make a thoughtful assessment of the tolerance limits of the island in terms of the fees it receives, in order to achieve a sustainable tourism development model, focusing on the comparative advantages of this place. Moreover, the fact that this is a popular destination can and should serve as a milestone for our decision The strategy is to make Greece a model for sustainable tourism development worldwide,” Minister Kikilias noted in this regard.

Recently, reported that the air traffic of the Greek Republic has improved this year, especially in the last three months, compared to the same period last year.

These conclusions were made by the Hellenic Aviation Authority (CAA), which showed that air passenger traffic in 2020 recorded a 98.5 percent increase compared to the figures for 2020. In addition, the number of arrivals increased by 110.5 percent since January (January). ).

After attracting a large number of international visitors during the peak tourist season, authorities in Greece are constantly trying to bring international travelers into the country during the fall and winter seasons.

In this regard, the Minister of Tourism has previously confirmed that the tourism season in Greece is not over yet and is still active.

The minister’s comments came during an interview on the Sky program, while highlighting the two campaigns that the country plans to launch in order to attract international tourists during the year-end and spring holiday season.

Even amid the pandemic, Greece has managed to receive more than six million tourists since the beginning of this year, which is one of the biggest achievements in terms of international arrivals compared to the majority of other European countries.

Previously, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) praised the authorities in the Greek Republic for their performance and management of safely reopening tourism this year.

Greece revealed its endeavor to attract travelers, especially from France, during this month and the end of the year holiday season, after it revealed that the citizens of France are the most visited of the Greek Republic during the peak tourist season.

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