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Greece Remains Top Favourite Destination for Europeans Despite Travel-Related Challenges

A report by the European Travel Commission (ETC) revealed that Europeans continue to choose Greece as one of the top five favorite destinations, especially those planning travel in the coming months.

According to the report, 73 percent of respondents are planning a vacation in the next five months, with 58 percent of those expressing an interest in visiting other destinations, which is seven percent more than the previous report, Schengen Visa reports.

Greece is the fourth most popular destination, with 6.6 per cent of Europeans saying they plan to spend their next vacation there, followed by Croatia (5.6 per cent) while standing behind popular destinations such as Spain (10.2 per cent) and France (10.1 per cent). percent) and Italy (9.6 percent).

Moreover, Greece has been a favorite destination for German, British, French, Polish, Austrian and Italian travelers, while for Dutch, Spanish, Swiss and Spanish tourists, the Mediterranean country is not yet the first choice.

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The data also shows that destination decisions include weather, attractive deals and fewer crowds, while the main concern includes spending time in nature for 19 percent of respondents, while local gastronomy and lifestyle care for 16 percent of Europeans, respectively. .

“It is encouraging to see the travel sector in Europe rebounding strongly, providing optimism for an exciting summer for European destinations,” said Luis Araujo, president of ETC.

However, challenges for travel to fully resume to pre-pandemic levels remain, with President Araujo noting that rising inflation is affecting activity significantly.

As data from ETC shows, European insecurity about finances has increased by seven percent since last summer. More specifically, 13 percent of European respondents expressed concern about travel-related costs, with this share reaching six percent in the summer of 2021.

Furthermore, previously reported that Greece, as well as Spain, was the most visited country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Germany was the main tourism market for Greece in the past two years, followed by the United Kingdom and France, which accounted for three-quarters of all registered visitors in Spain, and Americans were the remaining share of registered visitors in France for this period.

Regarding tourism products and services adopted during the pandemic, respondents said they would like to maintain flexible cancellation and hygiene policies (Italian and French respondents), while the Dutch, Germans and French wish to keep the number of visitors to tourist attractions limited.

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