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Greece & Oman Agree to Abolish Visas for Diplomatic & Service Passport Holders

Greece and Oman have reached a joint agreement on visa exemption for all holders of diplomatic, special and service passports with a focus on strengthening bilateral relations between the two regions.

The agreement was signed during a meeting between Greek Foreign Minister Nikolaos Georgios Dendias, as well as Oman’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sayyid Badr Hamad al-Busaidi, at the Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to

Also participating in the ceremony were the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Diplomatic Affairs Alexis Konstantopoulos and the Ambassador of the Republic of Greece to the Sultanate of Oman. Moreover, other officials from both regions attended the meeting.

I must say that the Greek Republic, along with bilateral relations with the Gulf states, has expanded the scope of cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council, of which the Sultanate is proud to be a member. In this regard, last April we signed a memorandum of understanding with the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and we met a few weeks ago in New York. And I’m expecting him in Athens next week. Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias indicated in this regard that I hope that you will be next after the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

In addition, the Minister added that he is very happy that the two countries have deepened their relations through the signed memorandum.

The Oman News Agency indicated that the Sultanate of Oman and Greece signed an agreement on mutual exemption of visas for holders of special, diplomatic and service passports between the two countries, in addition to a memorandum of understanding on political consultations. in the current situation.

Besides the agreement reached on diplomatic visas, the Republic of Greece and the Sultanate of Oman signed another agreement on political consultations, which would help the authorities of the two countries to understand and find common solutions to the problems facing the two countries.

Moreover, Dendias stressed that he will send the Greek Undersecretary of Economic Affairs in order to look at how to invest in Omand, and at the same time to find out how Oman can invest in the Greek Republic with the assurance that this will be arranged. Work for business meetings.

The Greek minister emphasized that there is a lot of room for further improvement. “We can blame ourselves if we don’t achieve this in two or three years from now,” he added.

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