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Greece Aspires Total Recovery of Tourism Sector in 2022

The authorities in Greece aim to help the tourism sector recover from the devastating situation caused by the Corona virus and its new strains that have affected many sectors, especially the travel and tourism sector.

In this regard, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias has confirmed that the Greek Tourism Ministry and sector professionals are trying to reach pre-COVID-19 tourism levels during this year, reports.

The Minister also highlighted the importance of the tourism industry as an important contributor to the Greek economic sector and also for its contribution to the survival of the “ordinary Greek family in times of crisis”.

According to him, it was reached thanks to the quick reactions of the sector that allowed the sector to adopt the new conditions provoked by the pandemic.

In December last year, data published by the European Travel and Council (ETC) revealed that tourism across EU member states recorded a 77 percent drop compared to pre-pandemic levels. Despite this drop, Greece managed to prevent deep declines in the travel and tourism sector.

Despite the decline suffered by European countries in the tourism sector as a result of the coronavirus situation, Greece recorded the largest number of overnight stays, only 19 percent below the 2019 figures; But international arrivals have been relatively low.

The Greek Tourism Minister emphasized that this year’s goals, among others, include:

Improving critical tourism infrastructure Establishing a crisis management task force Digitizing the tourism ecosystem Ensure upskilling and reskilling options are available for tourism professionals

Although these are the main areas, the ministry also hopes to extend the tourism season, attract high-spending markets and tourism investments, promote cruises and impose conditions for sustainable tourism practices.

In order to help the ministry achieve its goal during this year, Minister Kikilias indicated a total of 320,000,000 euros in EU recovery funding which will be directed to several projects, including agro-tourism, health and wellness tourism.

A report recently published by the Bank of Greece showed that the country’s tourism sector has remarkably recovered over the past year.

The Bank of Greece showed that the growth rate of the country’s economy was expected to shift to 7.2 percent in 2021. This shows a significant increase compared to the 2020 figures when the country kept strict restrictions in order to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

As for this year, the Republic of Greece is expected to register an increase of 5.0 percent, while in 2023, the growth is expected to be 3.9 percent, provided that there is continuous support for international tourism.

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