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Greece Among Most Popular European Tourism Destinations

Greece is still among the top five favorite destinations for European travelers in the first half of this year, despite the fact that it slipped one place off from last year’s position, reveals the latest Mindhaus survey for the European Travel Commission, the association of the European Tourism Organization.

The same shows that Greece has fallen behind last year, behind Italy, Spain and France as well as Germany, while Croatia is ranked sixth, reports.

Although the Republic of Greece ranks fourth in certain markets such as those for travelers from Britain and France, it has fallen behind the top five for Germans, Italians, Belgians, Poles and Austrians according to Ekatherini.

The director of Mindhaus, Theofilos Kyratsoulis, emphasized that the Greek Republic could not be satisfied with itself.

The authorities in the Republic of Greece were able to receive a large number of international visitors, despite the current situation caused by the spread of the Corona virus and its new strains.

Recently, the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Greece, Vassilis Kikilias, announced that Greece will officially start welcoming international travelers starting next month, March 1.

The minister stressed that the way Greece handled the COVID-19 situation was essential.

“The way we dealt with the epidemic was so important that while all the other Mediterranean countries were closed in 2020, we opened our doors. And last year, when everyone thought tourism revenue would be between 5-6 billion euros, it reached 10.5 to 11 billion Euros In this regard, Kikilias stressed the great contribution to the Greek economy and trade.

And despite the spread of the Omicron variable Corona virus that has infected a large number of countries, the Minister of Tourism also confirmed that the country is trying to reach pre-pandemic levels during this year.

In order to facilitate the travel process amid the ongoing epidemiological situation, the authorities of the Republic of Greece previously announced that they had decided to abolish the testing requirements for travelers with a valid COVID certificate from the European Union and planning to visit Greece.

In this regard, Kikilias noted, “Greek tourism has shown remarkable resilience in the past two years, sending a strong security message to travelers in our country, and it will do the same this year.”

A report by the Greek Tourism Consortium (SETE) recently revealed that citizens of Germany, Britain and the United States were big spenders in Greece in 2019, before the outbreak of the coronavirus.

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