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Greece Aims to Attract Tourists Throughout the Whole Year After Being Announced Top Destination for 2021 in EU

The World Travel Awards chose Greece as the number one destination for Europe in 2021. Following this news, Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said the country had displayed a well-managed tourism situation amid the pandemic and proved to be the most beautiful and safe destination.

Moreover, Kikilias revealed that the island intends to attract tourists all year round and advised professionals to prepare for a strong 2022, reports.

>> Greek Tourism Minister: The tourist season in Greece is not over yet

In addition, the Greek minister visited the city of Rhodes, where he met the regional governor of the South Aegean, George Chatzimarkos, the mayor of Rhodes, Antonis Kamburakis, deputies of the Dodecanese, Manos Konsolas, Vassilis Ypsilantis and other representatives of the island.

According to the minister, from May 13 to October 17, which represents the summer season, including the early and late season, about 1,339,218 visitors were registered in Rhodes. Moreover, from October 1 to 17, which marks the fall season, 163,997 visitors were registered, an increase of 203.6 percent over the previous year.

A rise in this range was also observed in the number of visitors to Kos, where about 28,907 visitors were registered in the region in October 2020. This year, the number rose by 171 percent to nearly 78,358 arrivals.

“Tourism is the locomotive of the Greek economy, something that has been proven again this year, in the midst of the pandemic, providing new jobs that we aspire to be of better quality and better pay, empowered by 320 million euros from RRF to the Ministry of Tourism for infrastructure, ports, marinas and modernization of hotel units For digitization, green development and a sustainable system for a sustainable tourism product.

Moreover, the governor of the southern Aegean, Chatmizarkos, indicated that the Greek islands have almost reached the pre-pandemic tourism data. He also noted that the reopening and restoration of tourism plan included timely and targeted reinforcement, cooperation and responsible action, which shows how generous the Greek population is.

On the other hand, the mayor of Rhodes referred to the organization of the vaccination program as centers to provide service to the people. Greece has the highest number of recognized vaccines, a fact that has also helped the tourism sector, considering that travelers from many countries have been vaccinated with different shots.

Mayor Kamburakis added that about 95 percent of the income comes from tourism in Rhodes and the southern Aegean region.

>> Air traffic in Greece increased 110.5% this year – still down 49.3% compared to 2019

Moreover, the former Minister of Tourism revealed that Santorini, which is a popular tourist spot in Greece, could become a global model for sustainable tourism as the government shared the plan to finalize space management, infrastructure development and integration, and shift towards more digital solutions, cruise management, and proposals for parking management and sustainable resource management.

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