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Greece: 884% Increase in Tourist Arrivals in April

Bank of Greece figures revealed a total increase of 884 percent in the number of international travelers from abroad in Greece in April, compared to the figures for the same month last year.

In addition, the same source shows that a total increase of 1,000 percent was recorded in related receipts in April of this year, compared to the figures for April 2021, reports.

According to the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, despite the unstable environment that exists all over the world, the beginning of the summer tourist season has a positive impact on the country, while the messages are optimistic in order to reach the goal of significantly strengthening the country’s economy as well as supporting the tourism sector, trade and sector primary as well as small and medium enterprises.

“There is no doubt that the numbers and the data are very good so far. But, nevertheless, I tell everyone that we will make financing at the end of the year and after the end of the tourist season,” Minister Kikilias noted in this regard.

In addition, Kikilias stressed that there is close cooperation between the tourism and labor ministers with the Greek Business Association (SETE), the Hellenic Federation of Hotel Owners (POX) as well as the Hotel Chamber of Greece (XEE) on the work. Issues; private sector.

The minister stressed that he requested to continue inspections during the current summer as well as throughout the summer season to defend the product for the next year.

“We are uniting our efforts with tourism institutions and regional governors in order to continue to achieve maximum results in our efforts to upgrade the tourism product and increase travel flows,” Kikilias stressed.

At the same time, SETE President Giannis Ritsos emphasized that the critical role played by the successful response to the Coronavirus makes the Republic of Greece a very strong brand in the tourism industry this year.

However, Retsos stressed that efforts are needed from all stakeholders in order to maintain what has been built emphasizing the need for daily controls as well as stringent controls so that value for money is as high as possible.

According to a previous report published by the European Travel Commission (ETC), Europeans continue to choose Greece as one of the top five favorite destinations, especially for those who plan to travel in the following months.

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