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Germany Ready to Provide Support to Poland in Case of Refugees Influx from Ukraine

German Interior Minister Nancy Visser has stated that Germany is ready to provide support to Poland in the event of a large-scale exodus of refugees from Ukraine.

Aside from offering its support to Poland, the minister said Germany will also help all other neighboring countries facing an influx of refugees after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, reports.

Although citizens of Ukraine who choose to leave their country due to the current situation are more likely to immigrate to one of the neighboring countries, Germany does not exclude the possibility of an increase in arrivals from Ukraine as well.

According to Reuters, German media have cited estimates that up to one million people could flee Ukraine for the European Union in the event of war.

Other German political representatives also expressed their support while strongly condemning the measures that Russia decided to take.

Regarding the current situation in Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said that this day, February 24, is a terrible day for Ukraine as well as a black day for Europe.

Schultz noted that Russian President Putin, by attacking Ukraine, is openly violating national law.

“In a phone call today, I told Ukrainian President Zelensky that in these trying times, its citizens are in full solidarity. With our international partners, NATO and the European Union, we will now coordinate more harsh sanctions against Russia,” added Schultz.

The chancellor continued, saying that the aim of the sanctions that will be imposed soon is aimed at making clear to the Russian leadership that it will pay a bitter price for this aggression.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock also commented on the situation. She said that despite their efforts to find a peaceful solution to this crisis by diplomatic means, Russia did not respond to their offers of dialogue.

“With its military attack on Ukraine, the Russian government is violating the most basic rules of the international system before the eyes of the world. Only Russia has chosen this path,” Barbock said.

Earlier today, reported that Ukraine has closed its airspace to civilian flights, including those from the European Union, amid safety concerns. Europe’s aviation regulator has warned all airlines not to operate flights in the border regions of Russia and Belarus due to ongoing military activities.

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