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Germany Permits Non-Vaccinated Americans, Albanians & More Third-Country Citizens to Enter for Tourism From Sunday

Travelers from several other third countries will be allowed to enter Germany from Sunday 20 June, regardless of their vaccination status, after the German federal government decided to include these countries in the list of epidemiologically safe third countries, on the recommendation of the Council of the European Union. .

The decision was announced in a press release issued by the Federal Ministry of Interior, Construction and Internal Affairs, indicating that the entry ban for residents of these countries has been lifted due to the low number of cases of coronavirus infection in their territories.

“In light of the low number of infections in many third countries, in the future the federal government will allow entry for all permitted purposes of residence, including tourism, from the USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Albania, Serbia, North Macedonia and Lebanon,” the ministry notes in the press release. .

The decision was made in light of a recommendation made by the EU Council of Ministers today to remove entry restrictions for all arrivals from these countries, despite their vaccination status.

As a result, starting from Sunday, June 20, 12:00 am, the list of third countries from which one can travel to Germany without restrictions has been expanded to include all of the following:

Albania Australia Israel Japan Lebanon New Zealand Republic of North Macedonia Rwanda Serbia Singapore South Korea Thailand USA China, subject to confirmation of reciprocity

Anyone residing in one of these countries is allowed to enter the country [Germany] Without an important reason to travel and regardless of vaccination status,” the ministry explains.

Yesterday, the German government announced its decision to allow entry to travelers from third countries who have been vaccinated with one of the Corona virus vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), namely Pfizer, Modern, AstraZeneca and Janssen.

From June 25, 2021, travelers from third countries who have been fully vaccinated can enter Germany even for non-essential purposes such as tourism and visiting friends and family members if 14 days have passed since they were vaccinated.

British travelers will not benefit from the reopening of the border with Germany as the federal government has decided to maintain a ban on entry for arrivals from areas of virus variables, which is what the United Kingdom is currently doing.

Entry from China is also restricted due to the reciprocity measure currently in place between that country and the European Union.

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