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Germany Changes Work Visa Appointment Procedures for Western Balkan Nationals

The German authorities have announced that due to the extremely high demand for visa application schedules for employment in line with the regulations for the Western Balkans, the existing rules will be updated.

According to the latest update by the German Embassy, ​​new rules will be put in place regarding the recruitment procedure as the number of applications exceeds the number of tables that can be made available at the moment, reports.

Therefore, in order to ensure equal opportunity for an application timetable for all citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia, the German authorities have revealed that from the beginning of December 2021, the timetables will be determined through using the monthly lottery procedure.

This means that everyone will be able to place an order. However, only the lucky ones will be able to make an appointment.

People who wish to schedule their visa application will be able to do so from today, December 1, until December 17, using the online system.

The German embassy noted that “interested persons will have the opportunity from December 1 at 09.00 to December 17 at 12.00, through the online system for scheduling the embassy’s application schedules to express their interest in the lottery procedures.”

Moreover, the same revealed that the selected applicants who apply during the above period will receive the application schedule for January or early February 2021.

Regarding the selection of applicants, the Embassy clarified that the lottery procedure will be carried out by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin under the supervision of.

In addition, through the same announcement, the German Embassy has taken care to stress that applicants are not allowed to register multiple times, change the registered record or transfer their timetable to someone else.

Regardless, it has been emphasized that pre-registration has no advantage over post-registration, and the involvement of third parties is not necessary.

“The embassy does not specify additional dates, so please waive this type of request,” the embassy added.

Currently, all Western Balkan countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia – are part of Germany’s high-risk list.

Based on current entry rules in Germany, travelers from these countries are required to fill out a digital entry form and remain isolated for ten days upon arrival.

However, those who have been vaccinated with a recognized vaccine, as well as those with a valid recovery certificate, can skip the quarantine requirements.

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