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Germany Approves Citizenship Law for Descendants of Nazi Victims

The German Federal Ministry of Interior, Construction and Internal Affairs has announced that the law on granting citizenship to descendants of Nazi victims is now in effect.

This means that under the new German law, which took effect on August 20, the descendants of victims who were stripped of their citizenship for ethnic, political or religious reasons can now reclaim it as the loophole that led to many of them falling. Citizenship refusal will be closed entirely.

“The law grants persons who have lost or been unable to acquire German citizenship for political, racial or religious reasons, in connection with National Socialist persecution proceedings, the right to naturalization for compensation. The same applies indefinitely to their descendants,” the ministry statement said. .

After the announcement, it was revealed that all citizenship applications submitted before the amended law will be automatically reviewed based on the new rules, meaning no further application is required, reports.

While Germany’s post-war constitution allowed for the restoration of citizenship, the lack of a legal framework has meant that many applications have so far been rejected.

Some were denied citizenship because their ancestors left Germany and changed their citizenship before the Nazis officially revoked their German citizenship, while others were denied because they were born before 1 April 1953 to a German mother and a non-German father of a gender-discriminatory ruling.

Until 1953, German citizenship could only be passed on through the father. However, through the newly adopted law which came into force on August 20, for all those affected by previous gender-discrimination regulations who are excluded from obtaining German citizenship at birth, the new law provides for a ten-year period during which German citizenship will be granted. Citizenship can be acquired.

“This benefit applies to all those born after the entry into force of the Basic Law on May 24, 1949, and before the date on which the unconstitutional regulations governing the acquisition of German citizenship by descent were amended, and their offspring,” the Ministry noted.

However, the ministry emphasized that in light of the anti-Semitic events that took place in Germany during recent weeks, the new law refuses to grant citizenship to all persons convicted of anti-Semitic, xenophobic, racist or inhumane acts, regardless of the severity of the punishment. .

Applications can now be submitted on the basis of restoration of German citizenship and declarations of German citizenship.

Austria also changed its rules in 2019, allowing the naturalization of children, grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren of people who fled the Nazis. Before the changes were made, the state only allowed Holocaust survivors to obtain Austrian citizenship.

Earlier, reported that Germany has temporarily suspended deportations of rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan due to concerns about their safety.

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