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Germany Adds 3 Countries to High-Risk List, Removes 32

German authorities have announced that travelers from three other countries will now be subject to stricter entry rules as they have been added to a high-risk list.

According to the latest update published by the German agency responsible for disease prevention and control, the Robert Koch Institute, starting from February 6, the list of high risk will include the following three countries:

Armenia Azerbaijan Palestinian Territories

In line with Germany’s current entry rules, all people entering its territory from one of the three regions listed above, as well as any other country already part of the high-risk list, are required to log in on and carry the confirmation with them.

In addition, travelers from high-risk areas must provide proof of recovery or proof of vaccination to be allowed into the country, reports.

Barring that, travelers from high-risk areas are also required to follow the ten-day quarantine requirement.

However, the RKI clarified that the quarantine period can be ended while travelers update their proof of recovery or refund on

This means that once a traveler from a high-risk area uploads proof of vaccination or recovery to the website, they will no longer be subject to the self-isolation rule, which indicates that only unvaccinated and non-exhausted travelers from high-risk areas should remain self-isolated upon arrival. Germany.

However, unvaccinated and non-exhausted travelers can end the quarantine early by submitting a negative test taken on or after the fifth day.

On the other hand, the German authorities announced that as of February 6, 32 countries will no longer be part of the high-risk list. The countries that will be removed from the high risk list are as follows:

Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Cape Verde Ivory Coast Djibouti Eritrea Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea Bissau Cameroon Comoros Liberia Mali Mauritania Mozambique Niger Nigeria Congo Republic Sao Tome and Principe Senegal Sierra Leone Somalia Sudan South Sudan Togo Chad Central African Republic

The decision to remove the above countries from the high-risk list means that travelers from these regions can now enter Germany under the concessional entry rules.

All people planning to travel to Germany should note that the country has introduced new rules on vaccination certificates. Germany now only recognizes certificates of vaccination if the document proves that the last dose of the vaccine was taken within the last 270 days.

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