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German Authorities Sued Over Visas for Afghan Police Trainers

Lawyers have taken legal action against the German authorities, alleging that the latter pretended to grant visas and asylum to former police trainers.

Based on a Deutsche Welle report, former police trainers for the German development agency GIZ worked in Afghanistan, reports.

According to German human rights group Pro Asyl, the lawyers have applied to grant the former coaches visas as well as protection in Germany.

The statement published by Pro Asyl stressed that it supports the two classes in action at the Berlin Administrative Court.

Pro Asyl, along with the lawyers, claims that the German government has not fulfilled its obligations to the trainers, who were first employed by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

According to attorney Matthias Lehnert, the action was about Berlin’s implementation of a constitutional obligation.

“In the debate about accepting threatened Afghans, it is often said that this is an act of human mercy. But this is not true, we are talking about the constitutional duties of Germany to provide protection,” Lennert noted in this regard.

He stressed that there was a danger to the plaintiffs’ lives because of their work in German institutions.

Pro Asyl managing director Gunter Burckhardt called the lawsuits a “desperate cry for help.”

“The wheels of justice are slowly turning. By the time of sentencing, the men involved could already be dead,” he noted, calling on the government to “act here immediately.”

Recently, it was reported that more than 60,000 visas were issued under the German Skilled Worker Immigration Act last year.

This information was confirmed by an official of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the website.

In March 2020, the authorities in Germany announced that the German Skilled Worker Immigration Act became fully effective.

From March until December 2020, the country was able to issue nearly 30,000 visas to workers and trainees from third countries who met the required conditions.

These figures show that the number of workers and apprentices who benefited from German immigration law in 2021 represents a nearly 50 percent increase compared to the 2020 figures.

Over the past year, Germany has also issued a large number of family reunification visas.

However, despite the increase in the number of visas for people who have applied for international protection in the country, the figures remain below the country’s share regarding the number of visas of this type that can be issued each year.

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