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GBTA Calls on EU Member States to Align Rules on Vaccination Certificates’ Validity

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), along with its European partner organisations, has urged EU member states to impose harmonized rules for the period of validity of vaccination certificates.

While the GBTA welcomes the EU Commission’s recommendation, the union is concerned about the decision by several member states to impose different rules on the validity of vaccination permits, reports.

The EU Commission adopted a new person-based approach earlier in December and ordered that certificates of vaccination be accepted as long as they prove that the last dose of the vaccine was taken within the last 270 days (nine months).

However, many member states have set different rules, causing confusion among travelers.

According to the GBTA, ensuring coordinated travel and entry procedures will be crucial to the recovery of the European Union, the travel industry and the global economy. In addition, coordinated travel rules would also reduce the unpredictability caused by various COVID-19 measures, thus making the travel process easier and more convenient.

“Providing clarity and certainty through harmonized rules will reduce the unpredictability caused by travel restrictions, which is essential for businesses to conduct their operations, and thus reduce the impact of restrictions on the economy. It is also essential for efforts to reduce confusion among anxious business travelers and discouraged from traveling to and within the European Union due to unexpected rules,” the GBTA notes.

The same has underlined that due to lockdowns such as the severe COVID-19 restrictions imposed in Europe and around the world in 2020, the global business travel industry has suffered huge losses. The industry reported a 52 percent drop in business travel as well as a loss of €662 billion.

For this reason, the association calls for the return of smart, seamless and sustainable travel along with the coordination of actions, especially those related to vaccination certificates.

“Ensuring that measures such as the validity period of the DCC are coordinated across member states will be critical to the recovery of the European and global travel industry as well as to the economy as a whole,” GBTA CEO Susan Niuvang said, commenting on the current travel situation.

Previously, reported that the EU’s digital COVID travel certification will be extended for another year. The EU COVID certificate expires on June 30, 2022; However, the European Union Commission revealed a proposal to extend it until 2023.

According to the commission, extending the requirement to conduct vaccination will enable travelers to manage risks and support public health measures.

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