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‘GB’ Car Stickers No Longer Valid for UK Travellers Driving in EU

British citizens will no longer be allowed to drive outside the country with a car with a “GB” sticker over a century ago, which will be replaced by a post-Brexit sticker that says “UK”.

The ‘GB’ decal, which stands for Great Britain and was valid for drivers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, was widely used by the British while traveling outside the country, and served as a distinctive token of identity.

Now, with that resolution coming into effect on September 28, it must be replaced by a resolution that says “UK”. Those who fail to follow the rule could miss their visit to a particular country because entrance with these stickers will not be allowed, reports.

A spokesman for RAC, the car service company, Rod Dennis, noted that the decision was appreciated as a significant change for drivers who travel frequently outside the UK.

“Drivers also need to remember that the number plates showing the blue bar and the letters ‘GB’ next to the European Gold Stars are also no longer valid,” said Dennis.

The change came nine months after the first anniversary of Brexit, which was completed in January 2021. After this event, the EU flag was removed from the number plates, and it was not necessary to display the GB sticker while entering most EU countries.

“The change of the national identifier from Great Britain to the United Kingdom symbolizes our unity as a nation and is part of a broader move towards the use of the UK denotation across government. We informed the United Nations of our intention to make these changes in July, and have worked with the sector,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Transport. to implement the change.

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Furthermore, government guidelines for UK nationals planning to drive outside the UK must display a UK sticker on the back of the vehicle if the plate number has a GB ID with the Union flag, Euro symbol, England, Scotland or Wales flag or only if It contained numbers and letters.

However, if British drivers are in Spain, Cyprus or Malta, they must show the UK sticker regardless of the symbols on the board. A British sticker or number plate is not necessary to drive in Ireland.

Besides changing the number plate, the UK has also introduced new entry rules for citizens of other countries who can no longer enter British territory with an ID card. Instead, they must present a valid passport.

The UK Home Office has also warned travelers that unsecured ID cards will no longer be recognized. Identity cards that do not contain biometric data and those that do not comply with the current legal framework for identity documents established by the European Union can be considered unsafe documents.

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