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Frontex to Support Romania by Sending 150 Officers at the Border With Ukraine

Romanian authorities have asked the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) to support the country to help the Ukrainian population fleeing the war that has already broken out.

In a press release issued by Frontex on March 2, the agency’s CEO Fabrice Leggeri announced that it has decided to send this additional support to Romania, reports.

According to Frontex, more than 150 officers will be sent to the Romania border along with 45 patrol cars and other equipment.

Many of the officers are already on the road as they are being transferred to the outer border. On the other hand, the first officers will arrive in the area of ​​operations on March 4.

The permanent officers of the Frontex Corps will assist the Romanian authorities in handling the huge number of people crossing the border from Ukraine and at the same time carrying out other work related to border control.

Frontex is already supporting Romania as part of an on-going land border operation at the EU’s external land borders (Operation Tira) which takes place across 12 EU Member States and covers 62 border crossing points. Reinforcements will be part of the ongoing process,” the statement read.

Frontex also stressed that it is in talks with other member states neighboring Ukraine to offer them its full support by sending officers and equipment.

Meanwhile, the agency is looking for ways to support non-Ukrainian citizens who have fled the war zone and wish to return to their countries of origin.

Earlier, through a press release on February 28, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency announced that the agency is monitoring the situation in Ukraine and its borders with EU member states, indicating its readiness to provide its support.

More than half a million people sought security abroad in just the first five days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including EU member states such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania – which share a border with Ukraine.

Moreover, Moldova and Romania revealed that about 26,000 refugees have entered their countries.

As of March 1, about 38,461 Ukrainian citizens have traveled to Romania, in some cases having to wait nearly 20 hours to enter the country.

Meanwhile, in Moldova, the number of Ukrainian citizens entering the country approaches 65,391, as it took the same 24 hours to arrive from Ukraine. Similarly, Hungary has begun preparations to receive Ukrainian refugees, about 600 thousand of whom will be deployed by the Hungarian Defense Forces.

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