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FRONTEX: Illegal Migration Rates Remain Highest Since 2017– Eastern Border Marks Significant Decline While UK & EU Route Emerges

The European border agency, Frontex, has revealed that the number of people entering the European region illegally is increasing, with 13,160 detections recorded in January.

According to the agency, this number is up 78 percent compared to January 2021 and 23 percent more than in 2020. The total number of illegal border crossings in 2021 was nearly 200,000 – the highest rate recorded since 2017, SchengenVisaInfo reports .com .

The western Balkans was the route most attacked by illegal border crossing, with 5,826 migrants – a 148 percent increase from last year. Most of the migrants on this route came from Syria, Afghanistan and Turkey.

Moreover, a new migration route has emerged since the beginning of the year, with 2,500 migrants detected on both sides of the Channel, the border between the European Union and the United Kingdom – 273 per cent compared to the same time in 2021.

>> Frontex: The flow of illegal immigration in the European Union exceeded pre-pandemic levels in 2021

However, the Central Mediterranean route remains heavily affected by the migration flow – 2,150 migrants arrived in the European Union via this route, a 107 percent increase over January 2021. About 66 percent of migrants who arrived in the bloc arrived 27 countries cross this route from Libya and the rest from Tunisia. Citizens of Egypt, Bangladesh and Côte d’Ivoire represented the majority of arrivals from Libya, while Tunisians represented about 67 percent of registered migrants from Tunisia.

Other high-risk routes for illegal immigration include the West African route with 3,007 arrivals, a 50 percent increase from 2021 and half of immigrants from Morocco, and the Eastern Mediterranean route with a 28 percent increase – where 1163 incidents recorded. In January alone. At the same time, the number of border crossings in Cyprus increased with 850 observations, an increase of 48 percent over 2021. Most of the migrants this route came from Congo, Syria and Nigeria.

On the other hand, immigration pressure at the eastern land border improved significantly with only nine cases of immigration registered, 74 percent lower than in January 2021. The road saw a sharp rise in cases of illegal immigration as of May 2021, more than Ten times more than in 2020.

In addition, a 32 percent decrease in migration accidents was observed on the Western Mediterranean route, where 637 cases were reported, with nearly 60 percent of migrants coming from Algeria.

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